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Tanasha (Student)

I have been attending sessions at the HK Archery Centre for 9 months. I started archery during summer camp in Canada and it quickly became a passion of mine. Before training with the HK Archery Centre, I thought it was a sport that perhaps did not require a lot of training. Now I know, there is a lot to learn.

The sessions at the Centre are fun, but they also challenge me. We do a mix of target practise and then finish up with a variety of games. Sometimes I win, sometimes I finish last! I love going to practice at the outdoor range organized by the HK Archery Centre.

I have recently hit the 50m target with my arrows and this was a fantastic achievement for me. The target was so far away - I had to bring binoculars with me to check and see if I had hit the target or not! I never thought I would be able to do this, I am really happy with my progress and can’t wait to go back and try it again.

I have definitely gained a lot more upper body strength over the course of the year that I have been training with the HK Archery Centre. I feel that my posture has also really improved. Archery gives me a feeling of immense happiness and I have gained a lot of confidence in my abilities. I would recommend anyone to try this fantastic sport with the HK Archery Centre. It is a great sport for people of all ages, I have trained with a 4-yr old, as well as with my Dad who is nearly 50!


Sara (Global Sustainability & Responsibility Strategy at VF Corp)

Since starting archery lessons at Hong Kong Archery Centre in early 2019, I’ve developed a real addiction to the sport. Not only is archery a fun activity that builds physical strength and stamina, but I have found it to be meditative as well. The mental focus alone required during practice is an exercise to be mastered over time and provides a great reprieve from the day-to-day stresses of life.

As a beginner to archery, Coach Casam has been patient in coaching me through all the basics and technicalities from day one, of which there are many more of, vs. simply “shooting an arrow at a target”. I’ve been personally proud of the progress I’ve made over the past year, noting how things that started out as difficult are now natural and easy, while my posture, upper body and core strength, and mental well-being has improved overall.

I’d definitely recommend Hong Kong Archery Centre to anyone looking to refine their existing skills, or to those who are wanting to try out archery for the first time.



Bryan (Student)

I used to think that archery was quite simple to do from first glance. Though after learning a lot about how to shoot from HKAC I learned how complex it is with all of the form, the equipment, and more. Even though it is complex HKAC helped guide me through everything and teach me the fundamentals that I needed.

Lessons at HKAC were not just for teaching archery, they were basically also social gatherings. The atmosphere was always relaxed and I always had great fun talking, shooting, and fooling around (under supervision of course). I definitely kept going not just for the shooting but for the people too.

From HKAC I not only learned a lot about advanced shooting, but also how to compete, how to fix my arrows, and other technical skills. I am very satisfied with my time at HKAC, and it has led to me being able to join competitions even for my school.

I've gotten a lot stronger during my time at HKAC, in particular, it has led to a lot more stability in my upper body, steadiness in my hand, and also back strength. It also helped me gain more mind-muscle connections and more overall awareness of my body. I have recommended HKAC to my friends and family, and I will continue to endorse them.


Edward (Primary School Student)

My name is Edward, and I started archery when I was in kindergarden and I am now a primary school student. My first thought on archery was that it was fun but dangerous (or daunting?). With time, it's becoming more fun and less scary than I would ever have imagined! On a scale of 1 (Terrible) to 10 (Great) would be a 9.5, if not a 10. I find focus a sometimes easy sometimes a hard thing to do. Strengthwise I am getting better but I have to improve myself a little bit because handling a bow is not always easy. I like archery and I would recommend this sport more than any sport.

I have completed many different achievements in archery like how I got my first bow, how I shot my first bullseye and other simple but astounding achievements to me. Doing archery with Coach Casam was done step by step, with every lesson improving my archery skills.

Archery has changed my life physically and personally. Physically I am stronger, have a better posture and I learned to use different part of my body. And personally because I have changed a lot in my personality ever since I started archery. Archery has become a true hobby to me. I love the fact that archery uses focus, strength and patience all in one sport. It can help people's focus and strength through each shot.
I am very happy that I started archery and that I have kept doing it for such a long time!


Fernando F. (Student)

At first I thought archery was a very laidback activity, nowadays I know that archery can require a lot of concentration but that is very helpful to forget about everything else. When I first started my classes 7 years ago I knew nothing at all about archery, now i can compete at a university level without much difficulty.

Archery at the Hong Kong archery center was always fun, the coaches give you enough freedom and challenges to keep every session fun and exciting while making sure you keep progressing at a good rate. The Hong Kong archery center also gives you the opportunity to try fire all different kinds of bows and work on fine tunning your bow and preparing your own arrows.

Even if I didn't compete a lot while I was at the Hong Kong Archery Center (because I personally wasn't very motivated to do so), I always fellt like I was progressing at a rhythm that was fufilling, and Coach Casam always managed to keep my morale up and motivate me to do better.

Archery at the Hong Kong Archery Center really changed my life. I only did 1h to 1h30 of a session every week but that was enough to change so much. When I started archery I wasn't the most atheltic individual, going to archery itself and the exercises I was recommended to do to improve helped me get into better shape. Archery sessions also helped me as a teenager become way more patient than most others and allowed me to become more self aware by improving my focus and my self reflection.

I would recommend archery to everyone and anyone who wants time for themselves or a space to do something that lets you forget about everything else. Finally, I'd like to say that Casam's company is always a pleasure whether you want to talk during your session or stay quiet, and although I left every archery session physically exhausted, I also always left happy.


Smriti (Teacher)

I’ve always thought archery to be an intriguing sport since childhood, thanks to an epic character in Indian mythological stories, but soon after picking up a bow, I’ve found it to be more than just a cool thing to do. It challenges me to be present in mind, build patience and have intense consciousness of form. It’s harder than I thought it was going to be and striving for perfection is exactly what keeps me coming back and trying harder. Those skills made me more competitive in my other sports aswell.

Coming to practice at Hong Kong Archery Centre is a very focused experience, where you leave every other part of your life behind, and just develop your skills. The light jazz and the friendly banter with other archery students are the additional aspects I look forward to every week. I’ve brought many friends and family to have a lesson over the years, and one has even recently bought her own equipment and taken it up seriously!


Caitlin (Secondary & High School Student, now Environmental Educator at Peace Corps Mexico)

My first exposure to archery was at a summer camp. It seemed like a fun activity that required some strength and skill. After taking classes with Casam I began to realize it was more mental focus and concentration than anything else. As an adolescent this was sometimes hard to achieve, especially after a long day of school. However, Casam is an extremely patient teacher with excellent attention to detail and also a great sense of humor who was able to lighten the mood when he sensed I needed it and made learning archery simultaneously fun and challenging. He will help you take your skills as far as you are willing to take them (i.e. put in the effort). Casam coached me through two competitions, one of which I placed well.

Looking back I really appreciate the enhanced ability to focus and meditate that practicing archery with Casam gave me, which helped in school all the way through university. I only wish I had devoted more time and effort as I surely would have gained even more benefits. Casam became more than a coach to me and I consider him a good family friend, he is a very warm and open person and it was a pleasure getting to know his family. I would highly recommend learning archery with Casam to students of any age, you will gain much more than the ability to shoot a bow.


Danielle (Multimedia & Video Professional)

I didn’t think archery would be so challenging, but I love it more because of it. I go with my 6 year old niece, we both have fun and love it! After 10 months, I’m proud to say I’m now intermediate level, but I still have a long way to go!

As satisfying as it is to shoot the bow correctly, my favorite and biggest sense of achievement is how much archery has improved my physical and mental growth. My posture is improved so much my family and friends have mentioned I look taller! However, I think the greatest benefit is how much it’s improved my focus. I would 100% recommend Hong Kong Archery Center, for all ages.