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We carry full range of bows, arrows and accessories, from target to hunting, beginner to advanced equipment.

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Recurve Risers

We carry state-of-the-art FiberBow & UUKHA all-carbon products, as well as many reputable bows and accessories brands.

Fiber Bow

The FiberBow 5.99 & 6.33 are revolutionarily light-weight, but has high resistance to torque through the use of latest carbon fibre technology. Extremely efficient damping effect. Allows you to strategically position stabilizing weights where it matters.

The S-3 inverse triangular construction Stabilizers and Side-rods are designed for maximum surface area, compared to similar sized rods, to produce unsurpassed vibration control. The lighter mass weight enables more weights to be placed at the extremities of the bow, where the points count at long distances.


The UproLite riser is sturdy and balanced, coupled with UX100 limbs results in unparalleled consistency and smoothness.

The Upro is 250g heavier to enhance vertical motion control. 

Now you have the option of grips that are shaped similar to the Ergo, GMX, HPX, Ortho, and W&W, so you don't have to adjust to UUKHA. It conforms to you...